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Burning Up Book Cover Burning Up
Bound Together #2
Marie Coulson
New Adult/Contemporary Romance
1 November 2013
Book provided by author for review purposes.

Scorching heat...

Erotic pleasure...

Intense passion...

Layla Jennings thought she had it all figured out. The right time, the right place and the right guy.
After leaving behind her life and friends in Long Beach, Layla must now walk the path she has chosen, hand in hand with the man who holds her heart.

As the flame of love continues to burn brightly, she discovers more about herself and the man she loves every day. But what happens if the fire goes out? What happens when half of your heart is across an ocean?

With the other man in her life unwilling to give up his fight for her, and a danger she is too blind to see, Layla must battle between the safe and steady journey she has embarked on and the one that leads to destinations unknown.

Burning Up Marie Coulson

Let me start by saying that before this tour, I hadn’t read Bound Together, the first book in this series. I had always heard such good things, but never quite got around to it, despite it living on my Kindle since the dawn of time. I read both books back to back, so I was lucky enough to really get immersed in their world.

In Bound Together, we meet Layla, a college freshman torn between two loves, Ollie and Jared. Ollie is a sexy musician who lives in her hall (and is my total Cougar Crush…look it up, it’s a thing!) Jared the wealthy businessman with a penchant for a little kink.  She goes back and forth, never knowing which to choose. At the end, she finally mans up and makes a decision, leaving the other broken hearted.

But she can’t fully give her heart away when a piece is still held by another. This is the position we’re in when we start Burning Up. Marie Coulson did a great job in creating a character that we both sympathized with, yet she drove us nuts. I can’t even lie, Layla got on my damn NERVES. Jared….Ollie…Jared…Ollie…this chick gave me whiplash. I can understand the position she was in, but DAMN. She was constantly overreacting, never giving people a chance.

While we see a lot of the same issues we saw in Bound Together, Marie Coulson tells a much more tense tale. Layla’s relationships are strained all around, with Jared’s overprotective streak, and some secrets he’s hiding. She also struggles to reconnect with Ollie, who is harder, more abrasive, after being caught in Hurricane Layla.

Our villains from the first book are still playing their games, and you’re constantly on the edge of your seat, waiting to see where Marie Coulson is going to take you next.

The entire story comes to one intense, emotional, scary peak, and Jared, who I wasn’t really sold on, completely wormed his way into my heart. I want to snuggle him to my bosom and keep him there forever.

We also see some interesting developments with the secondary characters in this book as well. All in all, this was a great story that kept you engaged, and gave us characters that we really fell in love with. I can’t wait to see where Marie Coulson is going to take this story in the next book!

Add to your Goodreads shelf!

Add to your Goodreads shelf!

Meet Oliver Green!

Excited doesn’t begin to cover my feelings as I sit in Lorraine’s, waiting for Ollie. I sip my latte, and I hear the door chimes. I look up, and am met with Ollie’s winning smile. I stand up and shake his hand…

Hi Ollie!  Thanks so much for sitting down with me today! I just want to say that I really enjoyed reading your story in Bound Together and Burning Up. I might have a little cougar crush!

Ollie – Cougar crush? That’s a new one on me. But I like it. (Smiles and bites lip ring)

I know my readers are dying to get into your head, are you ready to get started?

Ollie – Fire away.

First things first. What was your very first impression of Layla? You know, when she was looking up at you from the flat of her back in the dorm hallway?

Ollie – I thought, wow. I was totally taken by surprise. She had gorgeous blonde hair and those eyes were soul penetrating. I’d never been so dumb struck. To be honest, I had trouble even forming a sentence at first. Don’t think she noticed though. I’m smooth like that. (winks)

In Bound Together, you and Layla seemed to have a connection right away, but you were abruptly friend-zoned when she started seeing Jared. Tell us a little about what was going through your mind at that time. (I’m willing to offer hugs if you need them!)

Ollie – I was understandably pissed! I had never been friend zoned in my whole life! It was totally foreign to me. Part of me was totally hacked off and the other was riled for a f@*king fight!

What was it like seeing Layla for the first time after “the text”?

Ollie – Horrible. I was so horrible to her. I was still angry and seeing her kinda shocked me. I wasn’t prepared for how I felt. I was torn in all directions. I was angry, relieved, excited but most of all, I fell in love all over again. That hurt.

I know she really did a number on you, and it was evident in Burning Up, you seemed like a much different person. Harder, more abrasive. What was life like back in Utah?

Ollie – It was a reality check. I worked hard, played harder. I did my fair share of heartbreaking too. Not proud of it, but it is what it is. (Looks at floor and shakes head gently)

OK, enough with the heavy. Without giving away too much of the story of Burning Up, there are a lot of exciting things happening for you. What’s next for Oliver Green?

Ollie – Things are about to get very messy in so many different ways both good and bad. But that’s what happens when you get everything you ever dreamed of. You never really know how life’s gonna go.

How are the guys doing? Nick still causing trouble?

Ollie – Nick remains a permanent pain in my ass. When we landed in LAX, he told the f@*king security that I had fifty thousand dollars worth of drugs shoved up my ass! I spent four hours in a white room with a large woman, her assistant and a rubber glove. Thank god Eric finally turned up and told them Nick was a total douche. I came seriously close to being violated! Layla was crying with laughter when I told her. Mel and Amy said I should have taken it as the only sexual contact I would have in months due to being on the road and be grateful! I wasn’t keen.


***Quick Questions***
What is the first thing you notice about a girl? Ollie – Nowadays? I hardly notice but I guess her mouth. I don’t know why. Maybe because they always seem to be staring at mine!

Besides hanging out at Benny’s, what would be an ideal date for you? Ollie – Sitting with Layla at our spot. The one on the hill. Take a ride on the monster…and the bike. (Winks and bites lipring)

What is one place you’ve always wanted to visit? Ollie – Asia. Mainly China. I love the history and architecture. The ancient buildings look amazing.

You’re a musician. If you were stranded on a desert island with only three albums, which would they be? Ollie – Wow. Ok, All Time Low – Don’t Panic. Green Day – American Idiot and….The Beatles Greatest Hits.

Well, thanks so much for hanging out with me today, Ollie!  I can’t wait to hear more from you in the next book, and I’d love to get coffee again and chat after it’s release!

Ollie – It’s been fun. I would definitely do coffee with you anytime!


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