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{REVIEW} The Ending I Want by Samantha Towle

Samantha Towle's newest release, The Ending I Want, has proven to be a real challenge for me to review. I enjoyed the book, I didn't LOVE it. There were a lot of things I liked about it, and a few things I didn't. In some cases, those things were one in the same! We start by meeting Taylor, a young woman with a tragic past who is coming to terms with her imminent death. … [Read More...]

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{COVER REVEAL} Killing The Sun by K. Larsen & Mara White

EXCERPT Prologue Aimee   I was born backwards into this world. Breeched. You tore me, she said. Those were words I remember my mother saying to … [Read More...]

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{REVIEW} Tapping The Billionaire by Max Monroe

Tapping The Billionaire was some of the most fun I've had reading a book in a long, long time. Far too often, rom coms can be WAY cheesy and over the top, but Max … [Read More...]

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{REVIEW + GIVEAWAY} Right by Jana Aston

Right by Jana Aston was some of the most fun I’ve had while reading a book in quite some time. It was a hilarious, heartwarming, and sexy read that I couldn’t get enough of! I didn’t read the first book in this series, Wrong, and I wasn’t lost at all, so … [Read More...]

{REVIEW} The Bad Ones by Stylo Fantome

If you haven’t yet gotten the memo, Stylo Fantome is obscenely talented. The things she can do, the stories she can tell, the world that she creates out of 26 simple letters is stunning. The Bad One features an unlikely couple whose connection is undeniably … [Read More...]

{REVIEW} Why Now? by Carey Heywood

Reading a Carey Heywood book is like coming home. Her stories are innately comfortable; her characters feel like old friends; you’re not an outsider reading about someone else’s life. Rather, she makes the reader a part of the story, a patron at a local diner … [Read More...]